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Properly opening a Champagne bottle...let me give you some tips …

  1. Remove the foil from the cork (or first, take a picture of the bottle you are about to drink - I know someone who does that every time - could create quite an album!)
  2. Untwist the wire cage (might want to build a collection of the special ones!)
  3. Wrap the bottle’s neck and cork in a dish towel (yes, this is how sommeliers do it!)
  4. Angle the bottle away from everyone (no wounds, no holes in ceilings please)
  5. Hold the cork and towel and gently twist the bottle (note: bottle twists - not cork)
  6. Continue twisting the bottle
  7. Slowly ease the cork out of the bottle’s neck
  8. Pop, pour, toast, and enjoy!

Opening a Champagne Bottle 101