December 4, 2015 | Henri of Henri's Reserve

Why Do I Love Boutique Champagnes?

People forget that Champagne is a wine...the only difference is that it has been fermented twice.

Fine wines, unlike large mass produced wines, distinguish themselves by unique terroirs, exceptional small family vineyards, and the passionate artistry of the winemakers. They celebrate the villages and the legacies of the fascinating families behind them. They are personal. You discover and share them over time. Boutique Champagnes (sometimes referred to as Grower Producers) are just the same. Unlike "the Grandes Marques" (Veuve Clicquot, Moet, etc...) they are very individualized works of art...waiting to be discovered.

These small vineyards focus on creating exquisite Champagnes - they don't spend millions on marketing and mass distribution.* Their way to fame is by producing Champagnes of distinction, thereby grabbing the attention of sommeliers, wine critics, and connoisseurs like you!

I encourage you to discover, enjoy, share, and discover some more!



* This also means you will enjoy Champagnes from Grand Cru and Premier Cru villages (vs. blends of grapes from all over Champagne) fabulous prices!


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