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logoMaster sommeliers, the world’s toughest wine critics...and of course moi (your personal chef de cave) adore Family Estate Champagnes.

Just as you have moved on to exotic chocolates, artisanal cheeses and single malt scotches, boutique, family estate Champagnes are for those ready to graduate from mass produced Champagnes to the delicious treasures the French keep unto themselves. And now, through my Reserve, you can buy exquisite boutique Champagne online!  

And Why, You Ask, Are These Rare Gems So Exquisite?

1. The Painstaking Care, Passion and Authenticity of Small Family-Owned Champagne Houses: These families use only grapes from their own estates – unlike the mass-market negociants (i.e. Veuve Cliquot, Moët). These families have been making Champagne for generations, if not centuries, with a painstaking focus on producing the finest - le meilleur - of bubbly elixirs.

2. The Finest Vineyards: Like a prized Burgundy or Bordeaux, boutique Champagnes express the terroir of their vineyard (a French expression for the type of soil, climate and geology, all of which contribute to the chemistry and final product). They are from highly rated Grand Cru and Premium Cru villages versus the mass-produced Champagnes that make millions of cases, buying and blending grapes from hundreds of vineyards throughout the Champagne region creating a house-style that remains unchanged year-to-year.

3. The Artistry of the Champagne Makers: Each of the Champagnes have distinctive and individual characteristics due to the unique craft, philosophy and passions of each of the winemakers. 

4. The Broad Range of Champagne Styles: The world of boutiques moves beyond “non-vintage/vintage” and bruts to enjoying (affordably, mes amis) various Champagne styles - Blanc de Blancs, Rosés, Blanc de Noirs, Demi-Secs, organics, biodynamics and more.

It is the beginning of a journey of discovery. So grab a flute and step into a whole new world, one magnificent cork at a time. You’ll never sip Champagne the same again!