For the icing on the cake...below available with Champagne purchases...


Champagne Flutes
(price per flute)

May the flutes runneth over...


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Henri's Favorite Bar Towel

Featuring La Region de Champagne

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Henri's Favorite Champagne Chiller

This wonder + ice + a splash of water + Champagne + 20 mins = perfection!

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Louis Sherry Truffles - Burgundy Box

Add Louis Sherry Truffles to their gift...the favorite of kings & queens, maharajas, princesses & presidents since 1881. 12 pieces. (Available with Champagne purchase)

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Linnea's Lights Cashmere Candle

Patchouli, vanilla, and a twist of lime create the sophisticated herbal blend of this calming candle

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Chevalier's Champagne Chiller

This cooler makes an elegant presentation. (Champagne sold separately)

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