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Henri’s Reserve, a curated e-Boutique of Family Estate Champagnes. We cater to those looking to indulge in the luxuries of life – that’s why we are hosting an extravagant multi-brand giveaway called Joie de Vivre: The Luxuries of Life Giveaway and we’d love to include you as one of the sponsors (as sponsors you do not give a prize but instead help us to spread the word). Coordinated by our social media agency, this Giveaway is a special opportunity to get all the amazing benefits listed below, and without paying any fee.

(We've participated in other Giveaways with our agency and it works!)

The giveaway will reward one lucky winner a grand prize of the luxurious products we love. We expect to have over 20 brands participating. Each brand will give away one prize drop-shipped to the winner.  Sponsors (that's you!) are asked to please help share the giveaway in exchange for the benefits below. 

To enter people like your Facebook page to earn entry points along with tweeting, sharing on Instagram the graphic showing all the prizes, visiting your website and telling us what they like best about your company, and more.

The giveaway will run from mid October into November.

I'm afraid I must insist on a deadline for all sponsors. Please RSVP by October 14th by completing the form below. But first a list of why you should sign up!

Benefits to sponsors:

Huge Exposure – Countless Facebook pages will be promoting on social media along with all participating brands promoting the giveaway, too! We have also partnered with several high traffic bogs and media outlets which will also promote the giveaway to get you even more exposure.

More Facebook Fans – to enter people must like your Facebook page so you can continue to market to entrants long after the giveaway is over.

Increased Website Traffic - we will add other creative ways for people to earn entry points to win such as visit your blog and tell us one blog post they enjoyed reading.

Press Release Featuring All Brands and Sponsors – we will create and send a press release to thousands of high-end and sophisticated media contacts! Your brand will be in the press release with a description, image, and your website URL.

Post-Giveaway Email Promotion – you will receive the names and emails of everyone who enters to send one thank you email once the giveaway is over. We encourage you to give an exclusive offer as well to help you generate more sales.

Minimal Work – we will send suggested Facebook posts and graphics so all you do is copy and paste and help promote once in a while (at least 1x per week on Facebook). We will do the rest!

No fee – there is no fee to participate. You only have to giveaway ONE product which is drop shipped to the winner. There will be one winner that receives all prizes. You are more than welcome to give a gift basket with more than one product.

Special Raffle for All Participating Brands – any brand who participates will be sent a link to enter a special giveaway to thank you. Enter to win a FREE press release by our PR gal, Tasha Mayberry.

Free Marketing eBooks – all brands will also receive two special eBooks “Marketing 1, 2, 3!  Secrets to Successful Marketing in the New Digital Era” and "10 Secrets to Successful PR"

PR Star Bootcamp - free access to the PR Star Bootcamp Starter Course (when released in the fall); a special video training to teach you how to get mentioned in the media, position yourself as a go-to expert, drive traffic to your website, and grow your business.

Complete the form below to sign up and contact Tasha Mayberry at with any questions.

Sponsor Sign Up - Luxury Giveaway
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